David Runyon

Hi there, I'm David Runyon. I'm a Canadian web developer.

This website is an introduction to me and my work. I am passionate about development and learning new technologies to add to my toolbelt.

After my journey with the Canadian Armed Forces, I worked in various different fields while gaining the skills and competence required to be a web developer. You'll find me to be versatile and surprisingly knowledgable of the industry at hand. I've also never been afraid to crack open a book or exercise some Google-fu if I'm unfamiliar with something.

If I'm not tapping away at my keyboard, you'll find me out on my mountain bike or marching the trails with my kids all year around.

I've always been drawn to technical roles. Here are some of my proudest roles to date:

  • Infantryman | The Lorne Scots Regiment
  • Freight Train Conductor | CN Rail
  • Telecommunications Technician | Bell Canada
  • CNC Fiber Laser and Automation Operator | The Peelle Company